1. Overton Senior Member

    what would be the difference between "forest" and "woods", then? I guess there would be the same difference between "forêt" and "bois" in French, but what exactly is the difference?
    Vital issues...
  2. morethanchance Senior Member

    England, English
    Pour moi, un 'forest' est plus grand. 'The woods' sont un groupe des arbres...plus petit qu'un forest. :)
  3. texasweed

    texasweed Banned

    French-born/US English
    A forest has undergrowth such as ferns and moss, while the woods have bare grounds. Forests of Seattle versus woods of Austin, i.e.
  4. Chaska Ñawi

    Chaska Ñawi modus borealis

    an old Ontario farmhouse
    Canadian English
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