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I'm designing a tattoo for a friend who has passed and I'm trying to figure out how to say "Forever Connected" in Italian, as that is our heritage.
I'm mostly sure that "forever" is "per sempre". I've double checked "connected" in a couple dictionaries and several websites but they all come up different. I think the fact that it's past tense is what's screwing me up.

Thanks ahead of time for your help

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    Maybe "legati per sempre", but wait to hear from a native speaker! (If your friend is also female, it would be legate per sempre.)


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    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
    Before, I was thinking "collegato per sempre" and "connesso per sempre", but I'm not quite sure of the literal translations. Could anybody help with that? I would also be interested to know the literal translations of the ideas other people gave: "Sono sempre con te," "legati per sempre," and "uniti per sempre" [I'm assuming the last means "united forever" which I really love]. Sorry if I seem demanding. I don't know much Italian yet at all. Thank you so much!


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    "Collegato/connesso" are definitely out since the first thing they bring to mind is an internet connection:)

    Apart from "uniti per sempre" you could say "insieme (together) per sempre" or just "inseparabili".


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    Well I definitely don't want anything about internet connections!

    Two last questions:
    uniti eternamente. Is that correct as well? Also, I'm looking for clarification on the difference between "uniti" and "unito"
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