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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by mism, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. mism New Member

    english usa
    can someone tell me the proper way to say or write "forever love" in italian?
  2. mism New Member

    english usa
    can somebody please tell me how to say or write forever love in italian? pleeeaaasssee!!!
  3. kgart121 New Member

    USA- English
    MISM- per sempre amore
  4. laurika Senior Member

    hi, welcome

    if you mean forever love as endless love, I would say it as
    l´amore per sempre
    if you mean forever love as loving forever, my version is
    amare per sempre


    ehi, pls, in future put in the title the content of your thread, it is much easier to orientate then. thanks! :)
  5. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian

    Let me welcome you to WR.
    Just dropping some lines to kindly point out your attention on two things :
    1. This is a friendly cultural community where everybody mutually helps each other. This means, among other things, that your questions are going to be answered, but please allow other members the time to check your posts and verify whether they can be helpful or not.
    2. It is better to entitle a thread with the object of your request, I am therefore changing the title of this thread in order to allow further searches for the same topic. But to post the same thread twice with the same title won't accelerate answers so that I merged the second thread you posted.


  6. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    just another possible translation for endless love:
    amore infinito (or eterno)
  7. Jaydos New Member

    Australia, South Australian English
    A bit of context could help... :)

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