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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Dolce_Amaryllis, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Dolce_Amaryllis New Member

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    My boyfriend and I wanted to get "forever yours" or "I am forever yours" engraved in our rings in Japanese, but our class is still learning how to formulate phrases so we haven't quite figured out how it's properly written...

    Greatly appreciated <333

  2. Hoshina Sora New Member

    "I am forever yours" = 私は永遠にあなたの(です).

    "forever yours" =永遠にあなたの(物)(です).
  3. Dolce_Amaryllis New Member

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    Ooh thank you very much for the fast reply. I tried to get that engraved and the guy said no another question would be....what would it be in romanji?

    Thank you once more!
  4. Flaminius

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    Hello Dolce,

    I am afraid that I have to interrupt your eagerness. Neither of the sentences suggested so far can be heard (at least / especially by me) with the right timbre.

    If I may be so bold as to apply some modification to concoct a more natural Japanese phrase, how about "永遠にあなたのDolce"? This is transcribed as;
    Eien ni anata no Dolce
    where Dolce should be replaced by your name.

    Please wait for other natives to comment. :)
  5. nhk9 Member

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    Such a concept doesn't really exist in Japanese.

    You can try "愛しき君へ” "to the one I love"
  6. Dolce_Amaryllis New Member

    USA- English/Spanish
    Hmm, unfortunately the engraver said he cannot do the japanese characters which is a bit sad...but I was able to translate the rest into basic romanji (or it was provided)

    Thank you everyone!!!!!!!

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