forfeit a turn on a pass


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Someone's want to make his pregnant wife feel sexy.
In order to do that he makes her a board game in a form of well-shaped woman body.
His wife name's Lily so he call it "Chutes and Lilies".
He then explained the rules -
Roll the die to see
who goes first,
forfeit a turn on a pass,
intended for two-to-six players.

I fail to understand - when do you forfeit a turn?
What's "on a pass" mean?
  • Embonpoint

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    That's a hard one. In general a "pass" in a game is when you choose not to or cannot take your turn.

    So it could be if you don't want to do something ie. roll dice and move, you pass and forfeit your turn.

    Seeing the rest of the rules might help.


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    The name of the game is almost certainly a take-off on "Chutes and Ladders," also known as "Snakes and Ladders" and based on an old Indian board game.

    However, that game doesn't allow a player to pass, nor would there be any advantage in passing. (It's also usually played on a square board, but there's no reason that it has to be.)

    So, perhaps Lily's husband borrowed the name from this game but got the rest of the game from somewhere else.


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    The game is also involved risqué questions and spicy dares so if I take what Embonpoint said -
    Maybe if you pass on a dare you forefeit your turn.
    Make sense, no?
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