forget about tossing the couch for change?


"forget about tossing the couch for change"

I have no idea what it's meaning exactly.

Does that mean " Don't worry about the money, I'll take care of that." ?
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    It's difficult to know without some context, but I would guess that it refers to looking for coins that may have fallen out of people's pockets and into the cracks of the couch.


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    Hello ttol - welcome to WordReference :)

    Here is a bit more of the text.
    So forget about tossing the couch for change.
    Mama's got you covered.

    Exactly how are you paying for all this?
    l recovered from cancer; my moms will give us money for days.
    You no longer need to worry about money (for example, searching for odd coins lost in the furniture). I've plenty of money.

    This is from a transcript of Kyle XY.

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