forget something / forget about something

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  1. massirifani Senior Member

    SVP expliquez moi la difference entre les deux. I am confused about it.
    Merci d'avance. Ce forum: s'il n'existait pas, faudrait l'inventer.
  2. whatbird New Member

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    "to forget something," the something is often an object, for example: I forgot my keys. The "something" could also be a fact, most often preceded by "that," for example: I forgot that she doesn't eat meat. Also, an infinitive, for example: I forgot to clean the kitchen.

    "to forget about something," the something is less concrete, for example: I forgot about the party tonight. I forgot about his birthday. I forgot about going to the store.

    J'espère que ça vous aide. La distinction n'est pas très claire.
  3. IB programmer Member

    To forget something usually refers to forgetting an object or a fact. To forget about something refers to an event that has happened, ( can't really explain it well)
    For example: " I forgot about the time when I fell off my bike"
    as opposed to: "I forgot you had braces"

    I hope this helped.
  4. misterk Moderator

    I think that "to forget something" is equivalent to oublier and "to forget about something" is equivalent to ne pas se rappeler

    Perhaps someone else can confirm, modify, or challenge....
  5. MargieL Senior Member

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    I propose the following:

    I forgot vs I forgot about = j'oublie qqchose vs j'oublie que...

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