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Dear all,

I have a question regarding the use of forgot and forgotten. First of all, let me tell you the context which is in the classroom. It has something to do with classroom language. What should the student say if he/she forgot to bring the homework.

'Teacher, I have forgotten to bring my homework.'


'Teacher, I forgot to bring my homework.'

Which of the above sentences is correct or approproiate.

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HK ESL learner
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  • mtmjr

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    Speaking for AE, the most common would be: "Teacher, I forgot my homework." In this context, this implies that you forgot "to bring" your homework, so "to bring" is not necessary. If you wanted to say that you simply forgot about the assignment: "Teacher, I forgot to do my homework."

    Grammatically, it seems to me that "have forgotten" (the present perfect) is more appropriate than "forgot" (simple past), but it just isn't the way we say it in AE:rolleyes:
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