Fork over five bills

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  1. lobo2967 Member

    España, español
    Hola, os suena esta expresión?

    Fork over five bills

    El contexto es un interrogatorio, pero no puedo dar más detalles...

  2. cutiepie1892

    cutiepie1892 Senior Member

    Northern Ireland English
    I'm not sure how to translate it into spanish as it's quite idiomatic, but in english if you fork something (usually money) over you hand it over/give it to someone.
    Hope it helps! ;)
  3. txpaddler

    txpaddler Senior Member

    United States - English
    It depends on the context, but five bills probably means $500.
  4. lobo2967 Member

    España, español
    algo así como

    soltar cinco de los grandes ?

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