Formal Letter(should always use greeting and closing ?? )

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hi, I have question about writing the greetings and closings for letter and email.. So about writing an email to someone like insurance worker or anyone except friends or family (like business/formal letter) , firstly I must definitely write ' Dear Sir', 'Thank u for any help u can provide ' and yours sincerely.. when that person has already replied, and i still have something to ask again, so I write an email to him , should I write again ' Dear Sir' , 'Thank u for considering my request' and 'Yours sincerely' ?? .. I have heard from my sister, that we dont need to write 'Dear' and 'Thank u in advance ..'...Some people just write ' Hi ' and 'yours sincerely'... But When I write firstly 'Dear' ,'Thank u in advance' and 'Your sincerely', then suddenly on my second reply, I write ' Hi' and 'Best regards', is it okay if I want to write a formal letter(email)? Will it be the same when I write letter(not email, in form of paper) ?

Thank u for attention ! ^^
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    Welcome to the forum, Dona Ona.

    If you are writing a formal letter or e-mail to a man whose name you do not know, you would begin with "Dear Sir." If you know his name, you should use it ("Dear Mr. _____"). I would never begin a communication in a formal context with "Hi."

    Absolutely never use "u" when you mean "you" unless you are sending a text message to a friend.

    "Sincerely" and "Yours sincerely" are common ways to close your letter.
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