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"The semantic theory of truth holds that any assertion that a sentence is true can be made only as a formal requirement regarding the language in which the proposition itself is expressed."

I get the meaning of the sentence except where it matters, which is, the verb itself.

"La théorie sémantique de la vérité soutient que n'importe quelle affirmation comme quoi une phrase est vraie peut seulement être faite comme une "formal requirement" concernant le langage dans lequel la proposition elle-même est exprimée."

I would appreciate any help. The sentence comes from this wikipedia entry

Thank you :D
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    Ah ... I see. Technical philosophy. :cool:
    Pulsar, I'll give it a go. Maybe my comments will jog some thinking.

    I've noticed that in FR there is the verb REQUÉRIR
    ( Nécessiter, réclamer en vertu d'une nécessité pratique ou logique )
    but there is not a directly related noun, such as requirement, which can be used in philosophical language.
    [ requis means something entirely different, right ? ]

    Does propriété logique work as a substitute for requirement ?

    I found this sentence on the Net. Maybe it'll be helpful, idiomatically.
    ou Aristote indiquait ce qui est formellement requis pour déduire.

    Finally, I followed your WIKI link to the FR entry on Tarski, who is associated with the semantic theory of truth. It indirectly refers to your sentence.
    Il donne le schéma d'interprétation de la vérité d'un énoncé mais le prédicat "vrai" ne peut pas appartenir au langage sur lequel il porte, pour éviter le paradoxe du menteur.


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    GamblingCamel, thank you very much for that explanation, it clears up a lot of things. The liar paradox is encountered in sentences like "This statement is false" or "The next statement is false. The previous statement is true."

    To me, to require means to necessitate. So if I translate requirement into necessity, I have "formal necessity". The word that is most problematic is in fact "formal". What is missing? According to that theory of truth, saying that something is true is only one condition (albeit a "formal" one, just an assemblage of words) that defines the actual truth of that statement. With the help of meta-language, you can defeat the "liar paradox" that could trick you in some sentences. With that in mind, do you think I could translate "formal requirement" as "pré-requis"?
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