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  1. Blixa Senior Member

    Spanish, MX

    Ich würde gern wissen, wie man auf Deutsch "formal wear / casual / Business professional wear" sagt

    vielen Dank für ihre Hilfe!
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  2. oberhaenslir Banned

    German, Switzerland

    Satz? Zusammenhang?
  3. Resa Reader

    Resa Reader Senior Member

    - formelle Kleidung

    - Freizeitkleidung / legere Kleidung / Freizeitlook

    - Business-Kleidung

    Einzelne Begriffe würde ich ansonsten in einem guten Wörterbuch nachschlagen, wie z.B.
  4. Kajjo

    Kajjo Senior Member

    Please give more context or use a dictionary for simple translations. In most cases, translation strongly depends on context.

    For example, "formal wear" could be a requirement on an invitation card for an evening event. Then you would translate it as "Abendkleidung" or "Abendgarderobe".

    Casual würde man wörtlich als "legere Kleidung" bezeichnen, meist ist bei "casual dresscode" jedoch eher übliche Geschäftskleidung (Anzug, Hemd) gemeint.

    Business wear ist Business-Kleidung oder Geschäftskleidung (Anzug mit Hemd; Kostüm doer Hosenanzug).
  5. Blixa Senior Member

    Spanish, MX
    Yep, I looked up those terms in the dictionary but they seemed to me a bit odd , for instance, when you look-up the word "Business professional wear" in pons, you don't get the answers you gave me just "Berufskleidung", that's why I wanted an extra opinion from a native or so. The context? I thought it wasn't necessary since "Business professional wear" and "Casual" are pretty clear, but you are right, "formal wear" needed more context.

    Anyway, thanks for all your answers, now it's crystal clear, that's what I need :)
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  6. Kajjo

    Kajjo Senior Member

    Please be aware that Berufskleidung is work clothes like a doctor's overall, a lab coat, reflective clothing or a craftsman's special clothes.

    Geschäftskleidung, in contrary, means business wear like suit and shirt.
  7. Blixa Senior Member

    Spanish, MX

    AAh, now I see the difference! when one googles Berufskleidung most of the images show work clothes, nevertheless, there are few pics showing persons wearing suits and shirts.

    Thanks again for the piece of advice :)

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