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  1. Newlife Member

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    I don't find a correct translation of the following sentence :
    "Cette somme n’est pas imputable sur l’obligation de participation au titre de la formation professionnelle continue de l’entreprise bénéficiaire et ne peut faire l’objet d’une demande de remboursement ou de prise en charge par l’OPCA."

    Something like "This sum is not imputable on the obligation of participation as vocational training and cannot be the object of a demand of refund or financial responsibility by a Financial Organisation"..?

    Very grateful for every suggestion!
  2. bloomiegirl

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    Perhaps, "ongoing professional development"?
  3. gatto

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    I've been working in the field in Belgium, and we used to translate 'formation continue' as 'lifelong learning'
    Hope it helps...

    By the way, welcome to the forum, Newlife!
  4. Newlife Member

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    Thank you very much for your help! - And thanks for the welcome!!

    I've forgotten one important rule - the context... Sorry!!

    This sentence is a part of a legal document and the exact translation is therefore important. It concerns a convention, a document of reference concerning the different responsibilities of each co-contractor.

    If you have any more ideas, I'm grateful!

    Have a nice day!
  5. cropje_jnr

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    It appears to me that 'development' would suit a professional context better than 'learning', generally speaking. Do you know who this process of formation applies to? Employees? Customers? Children?
  6. Newlife Member

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    Indeed, the clients are employees, adults. When checking in the word reference dictionnary I've found "vocational training" for "formation continue", but this whole sentence seems complicated to me!
  7. djara

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    Sousse, Tunisia
    Tunisia Arabic
    formation professionnelle = vocational training
    formation professionnelle continue = ongoing/continuing vocational training
    life-long learning = apprentissage tout au long de la vie
  8. Newlife Member

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    Fine! - Much thanks to all of you for your help and quick responses!!
    I'll manage with the "continuing vocational training"! - Thanks!
  9. bloomiegirl

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    Hello again Newlife...

    "Vocational training" is usually used when talking of trades. Is that your context? (You didn't tell us what field this is for.)

    And, oops, I forgot to welcome, so... Welcome to the forum! :D
  10. wildan1

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    in-service training - in the educational and health fields

  11. Newlife Member

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    Thanks everybody - you're too lovely!
    Yes, it is concerning the field of education, indeed. - Training courses for adults.
    This convention is to be established between our Training Centre/private establishment for higher studies, and the company of the client. So in this contexte it seems to me that "continuing vocational training" corresponds the best. - But I'm not sure..!! What do you think..?!
    (And thanks for the welcome! - Beautiful spirit in this forum!) Have a nice day to everybody!
  12. floise Senior Member


    I agree with Bloomiegirl that 'vocational', in the U.S. at least, refers to trades (automotive repair, building maintenance, woodworking trades, etc.). If this is not your context, it would be best not to use the term 'vocational'. Maybe just 'continuing education'?
  13. Newlife Member

    Swedish - French & English
    Ok, thanks for the information... Seems I've been wrong all along the line, as I'm often using the expression "vocational" whenever it comes to "formation professionnelle"... As I've told you, I'm working in a privat establishment of higher education and I have to translate official documents in English, concerning "formation professionnelle continue"... As an official expression, should I then use "in-service training", as suggested by Wildan1 or something like "on-going/continuous professional development" proposed by Bloomiegirl..? Hard to find a good "title" explaining this idea! Maybe this system doesn't exist in UK / US? Or other English-speaking countries? Hope we'll manage to find out something. - Really appreciate your helpfulness, everybody! Thanks!
  14. floise Senior Member


    If you look at the GDT's translation of 'formation professionnelle continue', you'll find that one possibility is 'continuing education', with the following French definition:

    Définition :
    Complément de formation acquis par un membre d'une profession libérale qui suit, de sa propre initiative ou pour satisfaire aux exigences de l'ordre professionnel auquel il appartient, des activités de perfectionnement ou de recyclage afin de parfaire ses connaissances en vue d'une mise à jour et d'une amélioration continues de sa pratique professionnelle.
  15. Newlife Member

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    Sorry Floise, I didn't see your reply until now!

    Thank you, for this clarification. Indeed, "continuing education", seems to be a well-used expression in this contexte.

    Thank you very much!
  16. bh7 Senior Member

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    The professional bodies [doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, etc.] in this country usually call this type of post-qualification periodic refresher "continuing professional education [& development]".
  17. Kelly B

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    USA English
    Agreed, and the abbreviation CET is frequently used for continuing education and training ​in US English.

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