Formatting issues using Arabic as an interface language


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Your answer is not coming out well here.
.I have a problem
I understand your answer.


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  • Your answer is not coming out well here.
    .I have a problem
    This looks like a software bug! Since you selected Arabic as your interface language, the app is converting all left-to right script to right-to left and mixes up punctuation in some way.

    You can change the interface language to English and it should solve your problem. You can switch back to Arabic whenever you want.
    At the top of this Forum page you should see a command line, the last item of which reads "Interface Language" (in the English interface, at least). Click on it to get a list of available interface languages.
    You should send a PM (private message) to a moderator and report that bug. They will forward the message to the programmers of this site. Maybe it's just a minor bug that slipped in during one of the previous maintenance updates, in which case the coders may be able to fix it in no time and they can apply the update during the next maintenance shutdown.