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Hi everyone!

Some big companies like airline ones use a variety of forms for different purposes. Such forms usually take reference numbers. There may sometimes be a repeated reference number of a particular form such as: Form-16 [repeated]. How this would appear on the form in practice, like I have shown here or differently?
Thank you in anticipation.
  • heypresto

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    I don't understand what you mean by 'a repeated reference number' or 'Form-16 [repeated]'.

    Perhaps Form-16-A, Form-16-B, Form-16-C . . . ?

    I would imagine that different companies have different ways of numbering their forms. I don't suppose there is one definitive way.

    Lotfi MA

    Actually I used to read that the way I explained in Arabic and I want to write it the proper way in English.
    I am not sure if: "Form-16-B" would mean the same thing.

    Thanks anyway, heypresto.