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    In an article that is about musicians playing a concert, it talks about how a previous conductor removed a lot of the repeats from the performance but this conductor plays them all out fully.

    There is a particular sentence to state this:

    "Hier wurde alles ausmusiziert - abgesehen von zwei Formteilen." How would you best translate this, particularly the 'Formteilen'? I feel like it's a very specific music segment of the piece but the only thing I can find is 'shapes' in textiles/mathematical sense and translating it literally as 'Form parts' won't work!

    Any advice much appreciated.

  2. Resa Reader

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    I'm afraid I have no idea what "Formteile" are in music. So I tried to look the term up. One of those "Formteile" seems to be called "bridge" in English. I don't know what the general term is as I don't know enough about music.
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    Zum Beispiel kann in einem Trio als Werkgattung ein Trio ebenfalls als Formteil vorkommen.
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    Ok. Thanks both. That is most helpful!
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    "Formteile" (in der Musik) seem to be formal elements (in music, in the science of music).
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    Thanks Robocop. Can you tell me where you are finding that definition? It's a bit vague and I think 'bridge' or 'bridging passages' (Resa's reply) makes most sense of the sentence and context but if you are finding another useful source, I could have a quick look myself to check.

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