Formulated from base stocks

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"Formulated from base stocks which are severly hydrotreated, severly solvent extracted, and/or processed by mild.."

My try...
Formulado de bases de existencias que son severamente hidro-tratados, extracto severamente solvente, y/o procesado por suave...

I feel like there is another more accurate meaning to this translation of mine but I just dont know what it could be. Any idea is welcomed!

Thank you guys....Stichy;)
  • frida-nc

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    Hi Stichy, It's good....I'm sure mine won't be totally correct, just a little improved.

    Formulado de bases de existencias [o reservas] que son severamente hidrotratados o procesados por extracción severa con solventes, y/o por suave...


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    ¿Ese "from" podría traducirse en este contexto como a partir de? Tengo esa duda a partir de un texto que estoy traduciendo: El programa de Data Science fue elaborado a partir de cursos existentes. (The Data Science program was formulated from existing courses :confused: )
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