forno a massa

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Jackthecat, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Anyone know what kind of kiln this would be?
    forno a massa

    Thank you!
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    Hm... Remarkably few links. Could you give us the whole sentence?

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    Most of those links are to .br sites, so I'd suspect it to be from Portuguese, not Italian.
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    I agree. The only Italian results are for the town of Forno a Massa
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    Anyone know what kind of kiln this would be?
    forno a massa


    In Portuguese the expression "forno a massa" does not exist, that I know of.

    But, if we introduce a comma or other ortographic signs, this expression makes sence:

    For exemple:

    A cozinha fechou a porta do forno. A massa começava a subir.
    The cook closed the door of the oven. The pasta was rising.
    Depois de aquecer o forno, a massa ganha altura
    After heating the oven, the pasta begins to rise.

    So this expression is common in Portuguese, as "...forno. A massa... or "...forno, a massa...

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