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    TV Show
    Friends – United States, sitcom. (Season 3 Episode 9)


    The guys were playing American Football at some park, and during the game, Chandler and Joey met a beautiful dutch girl at the line:

    Margha: It is okay, if I stay and watch? I can't go home just yet. My roomate is, um..Ferschlocking, a big American business man.
    Chandler and Joey: Yeah! Why don’t you stick around. You can sit right there.


    Ferschlocking? (In other references it is forshlocking) What is that?

    (Please answer in English)
  2. Suehil

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    Whatever it is, it isn't Dutch. Maybe it's a made-up word that the character thinks sounds Dutch?
  3. YellowOnline

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    It definitely isn't Dutch, or it would have to be a rather phonetic rendition of "verslikken" ["choking"]. Another possibility might be based on Yiddish, where "s(c)hlock" means junk, but I'm not at home enough in New York slang (supposing this series is in NY). From the context I'd guess that it is a euphemism for having sex, however.

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