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  1. natasat New Member

    Thank you all for the previous answer. Could you please tell me how to say in Romanian:
    -fortified with vitamin C;

    Thanks again, I appreciate!
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

    Ottawa, Canada
    - îmbunătățit(ă) cu vitamina C or fortificat(ă) cu vitamina C. I prefer "îmbunătățit" because "fortificat", in this case is a port over from English and is not correct, but some product labels use it. Pay attention to the gender of the noun: for fem. (soluție, cremă, pudră​, loțiune, etc.) we have îmbunătățită and for everthing else (produs, lichid, etc.) we have îmbunătățit.
    - Slovacia



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