Fortunately for all chocolate lovers


Milton Hershey was born near the small village of Derry Church, Pennsylvania, in 1857. It was a __________ beginning that did not foretell his later popularity. Milton only attended school through the fourth grade; at that point, he was apprenticed to a printer in a nearby town. Fortunately for all chocolate lovers, Milton did not excel as a printer.

Would you please show me what the bold part means here? I am wondering what is its relation with the previous or next sentences or phrases-- although I know what is means literally.

Many thanks

GRE: topic: Milton Hershey--
Founder, Hershey Foods Corporation, philanthropist.

  • nima_persian

    Thanks. I have never ever known the following. Now, by your help I got it.

    Hershey Foods Corporation is the maker of America's leading brand of chocolate candy.
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