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Hi everyone!
I'm watching Mr. Robot the TV series. In episode 9, Elliot and Mr Robot are at a train station. A train is coming and I hear a voice saying «Forty-five to four is arriving on platform "B"».
what does forty five to four mean? Is it the train number?

Thank you!

P.S: more context, they're at Port Jervis Station but I still can't find any hint on the meaning of 45 to 4
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    Are you sure you heard this? It's sounds like a very odd number for a train on this line. Could it be the time of the arrival? The four forty-five (4:45)? but then I don't know what "to four" means at the end....

    watched the video online: The voice says "four forty-five to Port Jervis arriving...." so it's not "to four" but "to Port Jervis"
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