Forty four hundred

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    :thumbsup: You might use it if you were talking about items normally counted in hundreds. I could just about imagine "forty-four hundred cigarettes" or "forty-four hundred Roman legionaries", but not much else.


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    We commonly say this only up to 2000: 1400 can be said as fourteen hundred* as well as one thousand four hundred; but it's rare beyond 2000.

    * And years are always said this way.


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    It may be an AE/BE difference, but I see nothing unusual about “forty-four hundred.” (Wasn’t there a TV series by that name?) I think we sometimes use that phrasing for anything up to 100,000 10,000.
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    Yes, the show was always pronounced that way.

    It's a standard American English option to use that format for any number less than 10,000.

    - It's about twenty-six hundred miles from Los Angeles to Washington, DC.

    - The number of troops who fought in the battle was approximately seventy-five hundred.

    - Ninety-one hundred tons of ore were processed in the operation.
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