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    You can paste this code into the Word Ref reply box to display this smiley:


    If I could be bothered, yes. I may resort to using a huge smiley or even a huge smiley gif in all my posts until somebody takes notice or decides to do away with them altogether, which is a clean solution.



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    So annoying.
    When I bold something in the first line, let's say, it bolds all the other lines afterwards :mad::(
    I'm using Firefox.
    I'm using Firefox, too. It seems to be a FF glitch, then. Anyway, I'm quite comfortable with FF and not planning to switch over to Chrome. It will surely be corrected in time, perhaps with the next update.


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    Is it only me, or is anyone else having trouble using the "colour text" symbol? I'm having to use BBcodes - which is time-consuming.:(
    (The problem happens on my Android tablet, with Chrome. So it's not Firefox-related.)


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    I'm not having any trouble with colour, Mrs :) [touches wood]

    Meanwhile here's my latest masterpiece:
    :thumbsup: Also: lashings of dosh is poking fun at Johnson's typical speech.
    You have to have lived your whole life in the UK to recognize these things, but lashings is commonly associated with things like kiddies' novelist Enid Blyton's (1897-1968) 'Famous Five' series (1942-63) in which five posh jolly-hockeysticks kiddies have adventures then as a reward sit down to 'lashings of hard-boiled eggs' etc.
    Dosh* is more difficult to place ~ it's less 'marked'. But the combination lashings of dosh is the kind of thing Johnson would typically say in his very-much-overgrown-Eton-schoolboy way.
    Further down the bus it says Tally ho! which is only ever uttered (seriously) by extremely posh folk intent on killing foxes for 'sport'.

    *According to my slang dictionary: "the term appeared in the US c. 1850, then vanished, to re-emerge in the UK in the 1950s". Curious history.

    (the usual formatting hell at work here)


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    As has been said, "BB code" overcomes this but is tedious.

    I have occasional problems with the formatting ribbon not working at all, and the "post reply" button being dead.

    Win 10 x 64 (lastest update) Firefox 69.0 (64bit)


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    Notifications for this thread were not reaching me for some reason.

    Xenforo promised a fix in the next release, but that is taking a while. I've found a fix for the Firefox and smiley problems and applied it. Let me know if this causes any other problems!
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