fossil fuel switch

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  1. Gabs2009 Member


    How would you translate:
    fossil fuel switch?
    L'interrupteur de fuel fossile, ça existe?

    Contexte: Protocole de Kyoto, projet relevant du mécanisme de développement propre...


  2. enoo Senior Member

    French - France
    Les "fossil fuel", se sont les combustibles fossiles (pétrole, gaz, etc.)
    Vu le (peu de) contexte, j'imagine que switch doit se comprendre comme un "changement" pour d'autres énergies, un abandons de celles là.
  3. GerardM

    GerardM Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Sans plus de détails, je serai d'accord avec enoo.

    Les anglo-saxons n'utilisent pas fuel tout-court mais fuel oil avec fuel employé comme adjectif.
    "(En) fuel" ne signifie jamais "(Fr) fuel" mais "carburant".
  4. Gabs2009 Member

    "le recours aux combustibles fossiles" me semble aller pas mal.
    Merci pour vos réponses!
  5. akaAJ Senior Member

    New York
    American English, Yiddish
    gabs2009: the "context" for "fossil fuel switch" is not a gloss in French, but the sentence in which the phrase is found, and more if possible. Otherwise it's a private conversation, not a Forum discussion. "Fuel" is used free-standing in USE as both a noun and a verb.
  6. Gabs2009 Member

    "In practice, the most likely sectors for CDM projects, with promising investment prospects, are renewable energy (hydropower and wind), biomass and biogas (residues from sugar, rice, wood production, agriculture), waste and waste water treatment (landfills, animal farms, tapioca starch), fossil fuel switch (food, beverage, iron, steel, pulp, paper, rubber, wood).

    There you go. I just kept it concise to not bother other people too much, but ok.
  7. Mauricet Senior Member

    near Grenoble
    French - France
    Alors il s'agit de Remplacement des combustibles fossiles, comme l'a dit enoo.
  8. Gabs2009 Member

    est-ce que ce serait alors, au vu de la phrase, le Remplacement par des combustibles fossiles?
    Thanks a lot, it really helped.
  9. akaAJ Senior Member

    New York
    American English, Yiddish
    Thanks, gabs2009. I think now that "fossil fuel switch" means "replacement of [a switch from] one fossil fuel by [to] another [presumably more efficient fossil fuel]". "remplacement par d'autres combustibles fossiles [plus efficaces]". The English sentence structure is odd: the elements change character in the series. 1. general class [of non-fossil energy] (specific types/sources), 2. General class [] (specific sources), 3. Combination of source and application [] (specific sources), 4. Alternative choice of fossil fuel (industrial users of fossil fuel energy).
  10. Gabs2009 Member

    I agree, the structure is odd, I believe I am translating something written by a non-native... Thanks for your help (and i'll put more context from now on :) )

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