Foster Parent Income/SSI/Social Security

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  1. Na'ilah Senior Member

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    Does anyone know what Foster Parent Income is and how to say it in Spanish? I am guessing that the government gives an amount monthy to families, but I don't really know.

    I have heare people here call Social Security seguro social, but I don't know how they make the distinction between Social Security and SSI... Does anyone else?

  2. DCPaco Senior Member

    Planet Earth
    Spanish of Mexico/ English of the USA
    SSI = social security income

    it's a stipend isn't it?

    Estipendio del seguro social = SSI

    Pensión del seguro social = Social Security

    As I understand it, the social security check is one and the SSI is a supplement for those who didn't work long enough to get the benefit--or something like that correct?
  3. Na'ilah Senior Member

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    I think SSI are the benefits that would be recieved by some (i.e. Medicaide) who are disabled, and I think that there are other reasons, maybe the ones you mentioned. Where as Social Security is the program that covers Medicare, which all senior citizens recieve regarless of their economic and work status...
    have you heard that "estipendio de seguro social" before? or is that just a guess?
    Anyone know about the Foster Parent Income??
  4. DCPaco Senior Member

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    Spanish of Mexico/ English of the USA
    Well, the thing is that Social Security as we understand it in the US doesn't exist in other countries.

    But an "estipendio" is an amount of money and in that context makes perfect sense.

    Again, the foster parent income, is also an estipendio para los padres de acogida
  5. Na'ilah Senior Member

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    Sounds good to me. And those are the terms I have in there right now, with SSI I put the estipendio part in parenthesis after SSI, which I think is commonly recognized. But I am still curious if anyone has actually heard other terms for these programs that Spanish speakers commonly use here. Thanks for your input! (By the way, this translation is for Spansish speaker here in the USA, not in other countries).
  6. BPG

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    Spain, Spanish
    In Spain:
    Pensión - amount of money received for disabled or old people
    Prestación por desempleo: monthly income for unemployed people
    Pensión no contributiva: Pension for those who haven't paid enough to the state during his/her life
  7. AlGrano Senior Member

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    Spanish - Honduras
    I suggest reading and understand what Social Security Administration says about itself and about their program Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Clicking on that tab takes you to a page that describe in detail what-who they are and their differences.
    Enjoy your day!
  8. chileno

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    Castellano - Chile
    Tienes razón en todo, excepto en lo del estipendio. En este caso es subsidio o simplemente pensión como lo planteaste.

    Social Security = Seguro Social

    Social Security Income = Pensión/Ingreso/Subsidio del Seguro Social.

    Pensión no es sólo retiro, si no que también comprende pensión o subsidio por concepto de incapacidad. viudez etc...

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