found dead in the water [boats / people: word?]

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What do you call this verb when someone was swimming in the lake let's say and after some time the police found him dead.

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  • Blumengarten

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    many thanks

    to drown applies for people but do we use the same verb for boats?
    Drowning only applies to living things. For the boat, depending on how much water was involved and how it happened, you could say:

    -"It took on water" which mean that somehow some water got into it, maybe it sprang a leak, or water splashed into it;

    -"The boat was flooded" which means the same thing, but to my ear, I think there's more water than if it just "took on" water;

    -"The boat was scuttled" which means it was purposely sunk -- a hole was drilled in the hull, or a hatch was opened;

    -"The boat capsized," which means that it took on water by some means until the boat turned over so that it's floating upside-down in the water;

    -"The boat sank," which simply means it's on the bottom!
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