found plays unknown to humans

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Does "plays" mean "moves" here? It looks like to be "systems of moves" (a system of moves, in my view, refers to a series of approaches from the start of the game to the end) to me.

Thanks in advance
At first, AlphaGo Zero’s learning mirrored that of human players. It started off trying greedily to capture stones, as beginners often do, but after three days it had mastered complex tactics used by human experts. “You see it rediscovering the thousands of years of human knowledge,” said Hassabis. After 40 days, the program had found plays unknown to humans (see 'Discovering new knowledge').


  • Barque

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    It could mean "moves" or "strategies put into effect", usually for a period within the game. They aren't broad strategies that govern play from the beginning to the end of the game.

    To give you a rough analogy, if some of the players on a football team deliberately do something to get an opposing striker offside, or conduct a free-kick in a particular way, those are "plays".

    Here's the applicable definition from the WR dictionary.
    play: an act or instance of playing: [countable] That one foolish play may have cost us the match.
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