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I've never studied abroad, nor have I been abroad. I wonder if I can ask an international student who is going to study abroad, something like:

Have you found your host family?

I read many passages telling me that many people in both the UK and the US live in school or someone else's home, usually in a local's.

I wonder if that's the right way to ask whether one's found a place to live. Here I mean if one is not going to live in school.

Thanks a lot
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    Unless you know for sure that they will be living with a family, I wouldn't use this.

    If I knew that was the plan, I would say "Have you found a host family yet?" Otherwise, I would just ask if they've found a place to live.


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    When you use "student", Silver, it's hard to tell.

    If high-school age, I would say, like you did: Have you found a/your host family yet?

    If college-age, I might say: Do you know where you'll be living?


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    Even college students might live with a host family. It depends on the program and the student. It sounds a bit strange to ask a high school student if they have found a host family yet because they are minors who need to be under adult supervision. The school or program would be in charge of the searching in that case.

    Perhaps, in the case of a high school student, "do you have a host family yet?" (have you been assigned one yet? has the school/program found you a host family yet?)
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