four hours of rough treatment of the script


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(Four hours of rough treatment of the script.)
It's like a sort of title in the beginning of a paragraph and it's the whole sentence.
Does it mean ( four hours of discussions about the script)?
Thanks in advance.
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    It's from the diary of Sjoman about Bergman and in this specific part they discuss about the script of (Winter Light),but this phrase is a sort of title in the beginning of this part. After that we have about 2 pages of discussion between Sjoman and Bergman about the script.
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    Since you're reading it, you can tell me if either of these thoughts is correct. A rough script is like a rough draft -- not polished, a work in progress. But it's also possible to handle a script roughly -- cutting, adding, moving sequences around. It sounds like the second thought is closer and they did some heavy editing in four hours.