Four kinds of markets

Discussion in 'English Only' started by JBPARK, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Dear Veterans,

    In economics, they say there are four kinds of markets.

    Is the "s" on the word "market" necessary?

    Is this because "market" is NOT uncountable, and the singular form can not serve as the common denominator for the four different types?
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    That is an interesting question, JB, which seems to me to go to the heart of what "uncountable" means. Sainburys sell six different kinds of apple. In this sentence, apple is uncountable: it does not refer to separate fruits, but to a category, an abstract idea to which numbers are irrelevant. Nevertheless, many people would think of apples as countable things and say Sainsbury sell six different kinds of apples.
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    Who said 'There are four kinds of markets'? Have you seen it spelt like this in a book?
  4. JBPARK Senior Member

    I found it on Google. And it seems like there is an equal amount of instances where the singular form was used instead.
    Does that mean the either usage is somewhat acceptable and won't be considered flat-out wrong compared to the other?
  5. heypresto

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    I can only say that, to me, 'markets' looks and sounds wrong in this context.

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