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    I'm translating a Certificate of Marriage and I've come across the following expression "Fourth Schedule". The expression appears within the following context:

    MARRIAGE ACT, 1899-1956
    (Fourth Schedule)
    Registrar's Nº......​
    The translations I've been able to checked refer to "Cuarta Lista" but I do not agree with that as it does not make sense in Spanish. I would opt for "Disposición Adicional 4ª" or "Disposicion transitoria 4ª" or "4º apendice" or "Sección 4ª".

    Has anyone come across to such use of the word "SCHEDULE"? Many thanks.​

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    Many thanks.
    I do agree that the translation of "Tabla" may make reference to the way that the information is presented but the proper word needs to be found within the context of the text. I will opt for either "4º Anexo" or "Sección 4ª" since we are talking about a Marriage Act.

    thanks again for your prompt response.

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