FR: à moins qu'une autorisation n'ait été donnée - negation?

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I'm helping revise a French document (Code of Ethics) for a company and I have a question regarding verb tense and composition:

The English says:
- that supplies products or services to the Corporation, unless:
(1) specific written approval has been granted by the Board of Directors...

The French says:
- qui fournit des produits ou services à la Société, à moins que :
(1) une autorisation écrite spécifique n’ait été donnée par le Conseil d’administration....

I'm just wondering why there is a "ne" inserted before the verb, when it is clearly a affirmative verb in English. Is this typical for that tense in French to be given an extra "ne"?? Basically, does that mean it is being negated or not?

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    Maître capello is right. This "ne" is called explétif. But "explétif" means that this "ne" is not mandatory.
    You could write :
    une autorisation écrite spécifique ait été donnée (accordée) par le Conseil d’administration....
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