1. Ptak Senior Member


    Tell me please, what is correct:

    Elle travaille à un musée
    Elle travaille dans un musée ?
    OR both are correct?

    And is it "Elle travaille au musée" correct?

    When the article (definite / indefinite) is changed, shouldn't the preposition remain the same?

    Thank you!
  2. Erayun Member

    France, French
    The sentence
    - "Elle travaille à un musée" is not correct.

    You can say
    "Elle travaille dans un musée"
    if the musée is not definite, if you just want to tell what kind of job she does.
    For instance:
    - Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait dans la vie?
    - Elle travaille dans un musée.

    On the contrary, if you want to be precise and to put the stress on the place where she works, you have to put "un musée", but to add the name of the musée, or a proposition that would qualifies the musée.

    - Où est-ce qu'elle travaille?
    - Elle travaille au musée du Louvres.
  3. Ptak Senior Member

    Thank you.

    So I still don't understand why the prepositions are different in these cases...
  4. justcurious Senior Member

    French / France
    Precisely, the problem lies in the choice of article.

    Erayun correctly pointed out that you choose the indefinite article "un" when you speak of no particular museum as, for instance, when you just explain what she does for a living. In this case "à" doesn't work with "un" (I don't know why so if someone could explain :) ). So you must use "dans".

    When speaking of a precise museum, you'll use the definite article "le", which works with "à" but becomes "au" since "à + le = au".

    A bit tricky but you get used to it. :)

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