FR: …pas de vos… OR …pas vos… ?

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I've come across this sentence in the French textbook:
- Je ne veux pas de vos cartes de crédit.

I'm really confused by the “de” in the sentence. I think either one of the following sentences makes more sense:
- Je ne veux pas vos cartes de crédit.
- Je ne veux aucune de vos cartes de crédit.

Can someone tell me if the sentence in the textbook is correct? If so, what's meaning of it (is it just the same as “aucune de”)? Does it have anything to do with the verb “vouloir”?

Merci beaucoup !
  • Maître Capello

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    Your textbook is correct. This topic has already been discussed several times in our forums. For example, see the following thread:

    FR: (ne pas) vouloir (de) qqch - pronom relatif dont/que

    This thread is therefore closed to prevent duplication (see our posting guidelines). If you still have a doubt after reading the thread linked above, please ask your question there.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Maître Capello
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