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    I learned these sentences
    " Il est neuf heures moins le quart du soir."
    & " Au matin, Pierre mange la viande."

    and i think both words present specific time,
    but don't get when can i use 'au' and 'du'

    what is difference in between them???
  2. All in One Senior Member


    Du soir / matin is used when referring to the time on the clock, eg. 7 heures du soir, 3 heures du matin (7PM, 3AM).

    Otherwise it's mostly le soir / le matin. "Le matin, Pierre mange de la viande."
    Au is rarer.
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    Hello, and welcome to this forum,

    Using "au" is generally a way of referring to a longer period of time that ends with the said moment.

    "Au soir" = at the end of the day, when night is beginning to fall

    "Au matin" = at daybreak (so, as the night is ending)
  4. hangroooooo New Member

    so, does "le" is also better in official ?? like the academical writing??

    thank you so much it's helpful
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  5. All in One Senior Member

    Yes, both in speaking and writing it's le matin / le soir, but there are more formal phrases too.
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