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  1. perpend

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    Dans cette photo, on trouve un homme avec béret.
    Dans cette photo, on trouve un homme dans un béret.

    Somehow I think neither work. :confused:

    Basically, if you are looking at a picture of someone in a beret, is it "avec" or "dans un"? Or something very different?


    EDIT: Somehow I think it has to be "sur cette photo". Gosh. Long time no French.
  2. SwissPete

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    Given a choice between avec and dans, I would go with avec (dans would mean he is inside it).

    But better yet is portant un béret (assuming that he is wearing it).
  3. perpend

    perpend Banned

    American English
    Okay, "portant un béret" sounds like the way to go.

    In English we could say "in/with a béret, and in the right context, it automatically means "wearing a béret".

    As you said above, SwissPete, "avec" would be okay if you had to choose. Is there another preposition that might work better?

    Thanks and Happy Easter.
  4. carocome Senior Member

    Plus simplement, on peut dire : "un homme avec un béret" ou, effectivement, "un homme portant un béret".
    Mais "un homme dans un béret" ne marche pas, ce serait comme : "a man inside a béret"
  5. perpend

    perpend Banned

    American English
    Thanks, carocome. SwissPete sort of said that above "a man inside a béret", well he wrote "... he is inside it", but that's 2 confirmations. Thanks. :)

    Avec, avec, avec.

    But, it all gives me an idea for my next movie.
  6. OLN

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    Pour un titre de roman ou de film, on peut imaginer L'Homme au béret.

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