FR: apprendre qqch (à qqn) / apprendre à faire qqch (à qqn)


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Hi.The structure in the dictionary is : apprendre qqch à qqn, so "He teaches me to play basktball" would be "Il m'apprends jouer au basket", but when I checked it the structure that comes up most frequently is "il m'apprend à jouer au basket", is that because you are actually saying "He teaches me how to play basketball"? Which structure is correct?

Thank you for any idea you have which may clarify things
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    The second is correct "il m'apprend à jouer au basket ". It's difficult to me to explain why. But in french when you use the verb "Apprendre" + Infinitive Verb, you always use "à" between the both.

    If after "Apprendre" it s a noun : you have to say "Il m'apprend les règles du basket" and you don't use "à". => He learns me the basketball rules.
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    He teaches me TO play basketball.
    Il m'apprend À jouer au basket.

    Il a appris la nouvelle.
    He heard the news.

    Il m'a appris la nouvelle.
    He told me the news.


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    Only one structure is correct with the infinitive "teach someone [how] to". You should have found it in the WRD, Collins tab (or any other dictionary ;)) :
    My sister taught me to swim. Ma sœur m'a appris à nager.
    My mother taught me how to cook. Ma mère m'a appris à cuisiner.
    P.S. :
    He learns me the basketball rules.
    Mieux vaut éviter learn. Cf. learn vs teach
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