FR: As-tu X ? / Vous avez X ? - tu/vous & turn of phrase


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  • « As-tu de la monnaie ? » ( Do you have any change? ) – called inversion. Formal.
  • « Est-ce que tu as de la monnaie ? » - in-between
  • « Tu as de la monnaie ? » - informal
So when speaking with "vous", should you only use inversion and eat-ce que question constructions, and when speaking with "tu", should you only use est-ce and informal question constructions?

In other words, when would you use a formal question construction with the informal you, and when would you use the informal question construction with formal you?
  • You may certainly mix the more formal subject-verb inversion turn with tu or the more informal affirmative turn with raising tone with vous, but it would be less frequent than the other possibilities.

    As-tu de la monnaie ? (:thumbsup:)
    Tu as de la monnaie ? :thumbsup:
    Avez-vous de la monnaie ? :thumbsup:
    Vous avez de la monnaie ? (:thumbsup:)

    The tu/vous choice depends essentially on the level of deference, while the grammar construction largely depends on other factors such as the upbringing and the generation of the speaker.

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