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  1. myrna Member

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    Corrected "de" and "des"
    Hi all,

    I have some questions and also need the explanation.

    1. I found a text like this :

    Je mange beaucoup de légumes et de fruits.

    why not like this :

    Je mange beaucoup des légumes et des fruits.

    2. And why :

    Je ne mange pas que des oeufs sur le plat.

    not :

    Je ne mange pas que d'oeufs sur le plat.

    Merci beaucoup. Bonne journée à tous.
  2. Frankyboy New Member

    your question is very difficult. In the first phrase, 'de' make sense that you speak of 'légumes' et 'fruits' like a sort of food, that's why you use 'de'. If u'd say just 'je mange des fruits' it means simply that actually you eat fruits, with no refer to a sort af food. (it can't have a general sense). 'De' makes implicite that u eat also other sorts of food.. In the second phrase, it is inverse. 'je ne mange que des fruits' would mean that u eat this sort of food exclusively. I hope it's clear.
  3. Frankyboy New Member

    I precise : 'je mange beaucoup de fruits'... Here the present have the sense taht it is usual for u, and not that it's what u do actually !
  4. myrna Member

    Indonesia, Indonesian
    OK, I got the point. Merci beaucoup.
  5. helen80 Member

    Spanish; Spain
    I'm just Spanish, but, I think my teachers taught me that

    Beaucoup + de is compulsory, never "des"

    so I would say there is a grammatical reason behing that explanation
  6. Auryn

    Auryn Senior Member

    France, French
    "Je mange des fruits": I eat some fruit. You don't specify how much.

    When you say "Je mange beaucoup de fruits", you do specify how much. This changes everything, as you can't use du, de la or des (some) with a quantity. You have to use de or d' (of), just like you would in English (I eat a lot of fruit).

    This rule applies to all expressions of quantity: un peu de, un kilo de, etc.

    "Je ne mange pas que des oeufs": with a negative sentence you would normally use de or d', but with que you need to use du, de la or des.

    "Je ne mange pas de salade" "Je ne mange pas que de la salade"
    "Je ne mange pas d'oeufs" "Je ne mange pas que des oeufs"
  7. myrna Member

    Indonesia, Indonesian
    Merci beaucoup à tous.

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