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  1. Cujeau New Member

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    I have been translating "store between x˚C and y˚C" as "conserver entre x˚C et y˚C" for quite some time. Today a coworker said the correct translation should be "conserver entre x˚C à y˚C."

    I find examples of either usage… is this a France / Quebec issue? She and I have had that problem before (she's from France.)

    Can anyone give some guidance?
  2. Yendred Senior Member

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  3. Jeanne75 Senior Member

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    I guess there was a mix-up between two correct French wordings:
    "entre x˚C et y˚C" (more frequent)
    "de x˚C à y˚C" (less common)

    However "entre x˚C à y˚C" is not correct - at least in French!

  4. pointvirgule

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    Same here in Qc.

    X à Y indicates an interval, and it makes no sense to say entre + [un intervalle].
  5. Fred_C

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    De toutes façons, il est difficile à croire que ce soit différent au Québec. Les différences concernent quelques points de vocabulaire, pas les fondamentaux de la grammaire !

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