FR: bienvenue à / sur / dans / en / chez - préposition


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Bienvenue sur le forum
Bienvenue dans gmail (from my email :))
Bienvenue à (what I would normally use)

and also there's Bienvenue en (place)

:S When to use each?

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  • pieanne

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    Depends on the place you're in when you welcome people.
    Try to think "you are now à, sur, au, chez, etc...", then it's "bienvenue à, sur, au, chez, ...)

    (I'm not sure I'm clear...)


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    I guess "bienvenue à" is the most common form. It can be used in various situations :
    - a name / a person : "bienvenue à notre nouveau membre Welshie"
    - a city : "Bienvenue à Paris"
    - an event : "bienvenue à la Foire du Trône"
    - ...

    "bienvenue sur" would be used when you're actually standing on something, for example, a boat : "bienvenue sur la péniche XX"
    But when it concerns the web / the computer, we generally use the preposition "sur" : "surfer sur internet", "aller sur google"...

    "bienvenue dans" is used when you enter in a place : "bienvenue dans notre nouveau bâtiment"

    I would say "bienvenue en" is only used with some names of countries, those where you normally use the preposition "en". For example :
    "je vais en France" => "bienvenue en France"
    Whereas "je vais au Canada" => "bienvenue au Canada"

    All this would need confirmation from other members... ;)