FR: ce que ça fait à une fille d'entendre ça


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Hello everyone,

I watched a TV show called Skam, here is one of the dialogue:
"Tu sais ce que ça fait à une fille d'entendre ça venant d'un mec comme toi? "

My question is "une fille d'entendre ça?"
is it correct grammar? it's like "d'entendre ça" become adjective?

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    Hello, and welcome to this forum,

    This sentence is perfectly correct and it takes breaking it down into its root components to understand it:

    "Tu sais ce que ça fait d'entendre ça?" = main sentence
    "à une fille" = object (an indirect object) of the underlined part above, which may be located at several places in such a sentence
    "venant d'un mec comme toi?" = only an extra bit here

    I hope this will make the structure of this sentence a bit clearer. And it is correct.
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