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Madame Jo

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Is it necessary to use a circonflexe on chomage? A colleague tells me that circonflexe accents are no longer necessary if the word will not be confused with another.
  • petit1

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    There is a circonflexe on "chômage" as well as there is one on "fenêtre" or "hôpital", even if there is no possible confusion.
    The ancient spelling of "chômer" was "chaumer" , from the verb "caumare". The circonflexe transcribes the pronunciation "au".
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    I think your colleague mixed up 2 things:
    - the new spelling rules (see links)
    - the fact that some "accents circonflexes" have no etymological meaning but were added to avoid confusion between two words. Ex: "du" (la Dame du Lac) and "dû" (il aurait demander la permission, réclamer son )

    I hope other forum users will correct me if I'm wrong.
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