FR: Choisis-en un


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I saw these two sentences on a grammar website ( while trying to understand the usage of "En." However, I do not understand why "en" must be used in these two sentences. It seems redundant to me. Could someone please explain? Thanks!

Example 1: Tu voudrais un nouveau chandail? Choisis-en un, je te le paye.
Example 2: J’adore tes histoires. Racontes-en encore une!
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    Unlike in English, where we have the choice between:
    "I have one." and "I have one of them."
    "She bought three." and "She bought three of those."
    -- or the like, in French, you must explicitly include this "of them/of those/of it" part, which is what "en" is. So,
    "j'en ai un" (NOT j'ai un)
    "elle en a acheté trois" (NOT elle a acheté trois)


    This is true whenever you say a number but you don't want to explicitly say what the object that is being counted is.