FR: Chypre / Malte - gender, article and preposition

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    i won't put a link but i searched wikipedia L'Union européenne and it was saying la belgique, l'autriche, etc etc but it just said chypre and malte?
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    Yes they do, but they aren't used with articles, so it's hard to know what they are. In other words you will normally say:

    - La France n'est pas une île.
    - Chypre est une île.

    - Je vais au Portugal.
    - Je vais à Chypre.

    - Je viens des États-Unis.
    - Je viens de Chypre.

    But occasionally you'll want to use an adjective with the country name, and this should be feminine:

    - Chypre est indépendante depuis 1960.

    Malta is also feminine, but doesn't use articles.

    Here's a website that should help with this type of question.
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    okay. thanks for the link !

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