FR: coeur fait boum [sic]


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My question stems from a tattoo that I saw which reads: "coeur fait boum."
There is no article before 'coeur' and I am wondering if this is grammatically acceptable in French or not.

I think it's a nice idea, but based on my French studies, I would assume the phrase should be preceded by a "le" for a generalized meaning or "mon" for a more personalized meaning. However, aesthetically I think the tattoo looks fine without any article... but does it make sense?

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    Welcome to the forum, Helloitsm. :)

    Imho, it's odd without any determiner (article or possessive adjective) in front. But then, it won't be the first ungrammatical tattoo in the history of the world.

    By the way, it's from a song by Charles Trenet : Boum, quand votre cœur fait boum...


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    Yes, know the song!

    Just thought it a bit odd without the article as well.
    I like the idea, though, and am thinking about doing something similar - however I detest poor grammar and would hate to have an incomplete phrase scrawled across my body forever.:rolleyes:

    I think I prefer using a "le"... "The heart goes boom!"
    Might there be a better translation?


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    The missing article is definitely odd.

    Anyway, the definite article (le) makes sense if you're making a general statement. But if you're talking about your own heart, you should use the possessive adjective: Mon cœur fait boum !
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