FR: Combien d'enfants ont-ils eus ?

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  1. Elborz Member

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    Does this sentence make sense? If so, why does the main verb "eus" end in "s"? Here is the sentence:
    Combien d'enfants ont-ils eus?
    Combien de maris Louise a-t-elle eus?
    Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. Pierre Simon Senior Member

    Hullo Elborz :)

    Yes, the sentence makes sense. 'Eu' is the past participle of 'avoir'. It agrees in gender and number with 'enfants', the complement of the interrogative adverb 'combien de'.
  3. cougenv Senior Member

    pay attention :

    1-Ils ont eu plusieurs enfants.
    2-Combien d'enfants ont-ils eus ?
    3-Les filles qu'elle a eues sont toutes mariées .

    past participle agrees with COD when COD is written before the verb (2 and 3) and don't agree when COD is after (1)

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