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    Comment a-t-il pu savoir ça?

    Quelle est les natures et les fonctions des mots soulignés?
    Surtout je veux savoir la nature et la fonction du mot "comment" parce que mon professeur dit que c'est un préposition et je ne suis pas d'accord avec elle.
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    The word comment is an adverb, as pointed out by I'm afraid you'll have to open new threads for the other words, or look them up in a dictionary (such as
  3. L'Inconnu Senior Member

    One more vote for adverb.

    Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, prepositions, and phrases. They express time, place, quantity, quality, cause, and opinions.

    In this case, 'comment' is modifying a phrase, and we are interested in 'cause'. We seek to understand 'how' he could have known.

    Prepositions also serve to locate things in time and space, a function that isn't applicable in this case. So I am just as surprised as you. Maybe she confused it with 'comme'.
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