FR: Compromise never helps

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  1. unefourchette New Member

    I want to say compromise never helps but I don't know whether or not I should omit the article.
    Would it be Le comprise n'aide jamais ? Or simply Comprise n'aide jamais ?
  2. Chimel Senior Member

    Don't omit the article: Le compromis (not: "comprise") n'aide jamais (or: "n'est jamais utile" and so on. Not quite sure that "aider" is the best solution here, but that's another point).

    Contrary to English, you must consider the article as "standard" in French, that is: it is omitted only in very few cases, like fixed sentences or proverbs ("Nécessité fait loi"). Otherwise, just use it!
  3. Brestoise Senior Member

    Brest, France
    Chimel is right: don't omit the article in this case.
    I also agree with him with the use of "aider", I think I'd rather use "résoudre" (to solve problems). Perhaps something like "Les compromis ne résolvent rien." (allusion to an other expression: "La violence ne résout rien.")

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